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+ Brand and Design

Oddly, branding is too often an after thought, and it shouldn't be!

Branding is where you identify your Purpose, Position & Personality.  

Brand identity includes logos, typography, colors, submark, icons, and messaging, and it complements and reinforces the existing reputation of a brand. It attracts new customers and makes current customers feel at home. See portfolio here

+ Support and Services

Our goal is to ensure you feel supported and you get answers to your technical questions. We want to remove the technology burden with support, action and education. 

You can join our FB groups where likeminded entrepreneurs gather to share best practices, accountability, and maybe even collaboration here and there. 

We specialize in: Websites, Landing & Sales Pages, Email List/Automation, Membership portals, Video, Payment set up, E-Commerce Shop set up and strategy.

+ Courses and Entrepreneur Education

As we grow, so will our online courses, workshops and webinars.

+ Entrepreneur Tech Specialists

We specialize in helping Entrepreneurs: Course Creators, Coaches, and Organizers create their online digital strategy.

We meet with you to understand your end goal and help you put in place all the technology and strategies required for success.

Well set up your E-mail List, Website, Membership Portal, Video Storage, Sales Page, Payment intigration, basically everything you need to host a successful course and business online. 

+ Automation, Funnels, and Sequences

We'll help you develop the strategy to automate your list building, membership, drive sales and have a high level of ongoing engagement with your customers.

Landing Pages: A landing page can have several benefits and uses. A landing page can be an integral part of generating leads, qualifying, driving business, and moving prospects through your sales process and into new customers. Studies show that marketers capture leads at a significantly higher rate by sending them to dedicated landing pages, as opposed to sending traffic to the home page.

Sales Pages: A sales page can be viewed as a one stop shop; to grab the consumers attention, educate, and convert to a sale on one page. It contains all the information a visitor needs to determine whether or not to make a purchase. It normally includes details, testimonials, cost, and a checkout option.

Automation: When technology is set up correctly, many of the functions can happen automatically. This saves you time and money. We'll work with you to set up automations needed for your business.

Email Lists: An email list is a great way to develop a relationship with prospects and customers. Emails are independent of social media, so you don't need to rely on the algorithms and are not at the mercy of others. You own the data and can setup newsletters and sequences to best meet the needs of your prospects and customers.

Websites: We can design your website from scratch, transfer it over from elsewhere, work with you in a Done With You, so you can learn the platform as we go, or in a Done For You format.

Funnels: A funnel is designs to create awareness of your product or service. It takes your customer on a buying journey of developing interest, that leads to decision making and taking action to make a purchase. We can help you build this funnel strategy.

Profits: Putting all of this in place will increase your profits as you are able to reach a wider, larger audience and connect with them.

+ User Experience and Site Design

We offer: Done for you and Done with you application builds, ongoing monthly services & support, workshops, ongoing education, and collaborative services to help you get your sites up and running, user friendly, current, secure, safe and quick.

Helping Entrepreneurs Soar with Technology to get earning sooner!

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