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Are all of your contacts in your
Facebook & Instagram Basket?

Don't Make This Mistake!

If you're relying on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc to communicate and find your clients, they could be at risk...

  • What happens when Facebook and Instagram crashes?

    It's already happened!

  • What happens if Facebook or Instagram shuts down your account? 

    All that you've worked to build, is gone in an instant! This happens all the time.

  • There is good news however... it's not too late to fix this!

    Build your Email List Workshop

    Starts Tuesday Jan 25th
    Time TBD

    Learn Step by Step the process to owning and building your own email list

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    We respect your privacy. Your information is 100% safe with us.

    *If you can't join us live, no worries, you can catch up in the group.

    What you'll Gain from this hands on workshop

    • How to choose your opt-in/freebie

    • How to build a landing page

    • How to format and write the copy for your landing page.

    • How to build a thank you page 

    • How to set up your email

    • A FREE platform to build on

    • Learn to purchase a Domain and set it up.

    • Invaluable knowledge to set up future campaigns and your website!

    Hey everyone!
    I'm Kris, the Founder of Gig Jig and the Co-Founder of Digital with NEST

    I have worked internationally in Sales and Marketing for the better part of 25 years. Advancing through the ranks from Account Manager to Director of Sales & Marketing of a European Orthopedic company based in London, UK.

    Possessing a burning desire to stay abreast of the latest technology, social media, marketing trends, coupled with my experience as an Olympic level coach, I help entrepreneurs bridge the gap between their Zone of Genius & Technology.

    Gig Jig & Digital with Nest have been built to support and encourage entrepreneurs world wide. I hope you'll choose to join me to overcome your struggles with technology, so you can soar!

    Join us for the Build Your Email List workshop and let's get this party started!


    Kris worked with me to launch my new business, what started with a Logo & Branding turned into a website, menus, signage and...interior design. Kris has welcomed me to the community with her expertise and kindness, for that I will be forever grateful. 

    Bhom Singh, Spicecraft Indian Bistro

    Kris is brilliant at galvanizing your potential. 

    She helped me define my core values and purpose and then use her vastly varied business and real-world experience to customize a roadmap to get me where I wanted to be while building the technology I need to succeed.

    Kris offers encouragement and support along the way and helps you stay on track.

    Work with Kris, and you’ll get unstuck.

    Jodi Nearing, The Rogue Scribbler

    Yes, count me in to Build my Email List!

    Your privacy is valued & respected. Your information is 100% safe.

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